Content Marketing Tips From Semalt

Keeping up with the latest content trends is one way of attracting new traffic to your site. While you should have evergreen content, it is also crucial that you flow with the current trends on the internet to stay relevant and updated.  

These are some of the biggest content trends you should consider applying to your content marketing strategy to ride the wave of internet success. Content marketing and SEO have contributed significantly to the success of many top-tier businesses today. In fact, without a website or an online presence, you have indirectly placed a limit on how much and how big your business can grow.

Why Is Keeping Up With The Latest Content Trends Important In The Entertainment Industry?

To survive on the internet, you need the best. We are here to carry your website towards a brighter future of more helpful, practical, and technically awesome content that will align with your user's search needs, habits, and preferences. Our ability to create better content comes from constant practice, making us smarter on how we strategize, research, create and publish it. As a result, our content marketing practice is no longer an experiment but has become a well-thought-out plan of action that is bound to work. 

Top-Notch Visuals For Your Content

In order to stay trendy on SERP, you need visually forward content. From entertainment to communication, websites are beginning to understand the power of interactive and dynamic images. Coupled with the impact of images on social media platforms, it's clear that having images on your website is one of the best tactics to attract and keep the attention of your audience. 

Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat are some of the most popular visual social media platforms where young adults hang out these days. Older adults may prefer YouTube and Facebook. To this end, we can confidently say that visual content is bound to get more interesting and appealing to users in the near future. 

For instance, who knew we could use filters or create our own augmented reality (AR) on Snapchat. When we first came across this technology, we were astonished about how interesting a simple image could become.  Creating your own GIFs from a video clip is another way in which visual technology has evolved. 

Contemporary audiences have very short attention spans. To keep a reader's attention for a long time, you need the help of visual content on your web pages. Think of your audience as a child reading a storybook. Images are essential in keeping the child motivated and engaged with the story, so they stay interested longer. The same logic applies to web pages. 

Marketers have and will continue to take advantage of dynamic and custom branded images for web content. 

Video Content And Visual Storytelling 

For the past few years, video content has been a major stream of traffic on the web. Thanks to technological innovations such as AR, dynamic imagery, and YouTube, visual storytelling and video content have steadily risen in popularity and importance. 

There is now a global trend where consumers seem to be more attracted to video content. According to research by Socialinsider, the number of internet users who tapped to move to the next page/ piece of content on a website is about 5.65% higher for images than videos. What this means is that more users stop and watch video stories till the very end. 

In marketing, using video content is also becoming more preferable. Wyzowl's State of Video Marketing report discovered that about 84% of consumers were convinced to purchase a product or service through watching a video. Another 79% of participants in the report said they were convinced and downloaded an app or software after watching a video. 69% of participants in that same survey preferred learning about a product/ service from watching a short video in contrast to the 18% who would prefer to read a text-based article. 

HubSpot also did a survey of over 3,000 consumers where 54% of 35-44-year olds said they wanted to see more videos from the brands they support, while 56% of 25-34-year-olds agreed that they wanted more videos. 

Let us not forget that YouTube is the second most popular search engine in the world. The internet users who are either Millennials or Gen Z find youtube to be one of the most interesting sources of entertainment, income, and education. Imagine learning that pancake recipe without youtube or how to bind that compound or how to dance, shave, and knot a tie.

As marketers, we study consumer habits to come up with the best strategies. As consumer preferences and habits show that having video content is essential to reaching a percentage of your audience, we have to keep up, or we wouldn't be as efficient and reliable as we are. 

Of course, creating a video doesn't guarantee conversion. Like text content, you need quality and a good story to sell. 

Improve Your E-A-T

A few years ago, Google published a blog intended to remind webmasters about its core update and what to do with them. The blog post was specific in recommending an action a lot of users had already been doing: reading and understanding E-A-T and the Search Quality Rater Guidelines. Google specifically pointed to this resource and highlighted E-A-T, which was a significant hint that we should be focusing on providing expertise, authority, and trust in our content. 

How do we prove the E-A-T of websites? 
  • By earning mentions and inbound links from other authority websites.
  • Providing E-A-T information on your site. This includes a bio and credentials on your about us and author pages. 
  • By linking out to other authoritative websites to support stats, data, and facts in your content.
  • Regularly update your site and content with accurate, current, and relevant information.
Even after doing all this, your content must be exceptional. It must be user-beneficial, purposeful, and well-crafted. Once your content is backed up by E-A-T, it can't lose. 

Better And More Purposeful Content

Content Relevance is significant to the optimization efforts of your entire website. More marketers are beginning to realize the need for content which are of the highest quality. Content that performs exceptionally well is better and more purposeful than ever before. As we improve on how well content answers user search queries, we fulfill the main objective of SEO. Ranking for competitive key terms will become more difficult as every web page brings its A-game. Here are some tips on how we can stay ahead of the competition:
  • We get a better understanding of what the target audience expects from a search result of a certain keyword. 
  • Quality content is written to suit the needs of the audience. Consistency in the tone and style of contents across the site.
  • In-depth researching. Google and readers would love to see more current stats and data from reputable sources.
  • More interesting and trending topics.
  • More visuals such as infographics, branded images, and custom blog images in the website and its contents. 
And although ranking will become harder, you are certain that whichever content ranks above yours does so because it is better, and as long as you can improve, you will eventually outrank your competition. 

Customer-First Content

Customer-first content is one of the fastest ways to win over search engines and audiences. About 88% of the most successful B2B marketers prioritize their audience over their own promotional/sales messages. 

They do this because they understand that the best way to sell their product is to build trust with their audience. Building trust begins with offering help, guidance, information, and entertainment without asking for anything in return. 

Another way to be № 1 on SERP is to deliver the very best content which hits the user's needs in the bullseye. If you can achieve this, Google will be more than happy to put you first. 

Consumer first content will continue to be a trend because that is what Google is about. 

How do you find out what your target audience needs from your content? 


By asking questions, we engage with your target audience and discover what they really want. Once we understand our audience intimately, it becomes easier to create content that speaks to them on a deep level. It is at this point that we will able to create content that is ultra-targeted. 

If put your audience in the first place, your potential customers stop thinking of how much they pay for a product, but they can't wait to have something they've wanted for so long. They stop thinking that you're making money off their hands, and they start thinking of the product or services you offer and how happy they are to have it.


The future of content and content marketing is here. At Semalt, we prioritize quality and the consumer's needs over sales messages. We're focused on building trust and authority in a genuine manner for your brand.